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166th Rockton World’s Fair
Thanksgiving Weekend
October 5-8th, 2018

Committed to Agriculture, Education, and Entertainment.

The Rockton Agricultural Society has come a long way since the first Beverly Agricultural Society Fair was held in October 1852. According to the information recorded in The Pioneers of Beverly, October 20th was a “glorious Indian Summer Day.” There were 181 members and prize money paid to the exhibitor’s was $194.50. Compare this to today’s volunteer membership of almost 700, and prize money of over $100,000 paid to over 1000 exhibitors!

In 1934, the Beverly Agricultural Society became the North Wentworth Agricultural Society and, in 1966, the name was changed to the Rockton Agricultural Society. In 1878, Mrs. Andrew Kernighan commented that the fair should be called the “World’s Fair” because the whole world is invited and does come to it. The next day, local newspapers carried an article about the fair with the headline “The World’s Fair at Rockton.”

Today, Canadian Thanksgiving weekend hosts an attendance of 50,000 people, bringing urban and rural together.

For more information concerning the Rockton World’s Fair, please call to speak to one of our staff members at 519-647-2502.