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Step 1: Read through our prize books (located to the right) and decide what sections and classes you wish to enter.

Step 2: Make sure you read all the Rules and Regulations and note entry form and exhibit deadlines for the sections you are planning to enter. Entry and Exhibit deadline dates can be found at the beginning of the prize list and/or each section. Not all entry forms and exhibits are due at the same time.

Step 3: Enter by 1) printing off an entry form and submitting it by mail, fax, or dropping it off to our office; or 2) entering online here. You may have to pay a $10 exhibitor fee to enter.

Step 4: This is the easy part (for you). Once we have received your entry form, now it’s time for us to get to work and enter you into the system. We’ll assign you an exhibitor number, enter you in the sections and classes you’ve chosen, and print you off tags to attach to your items. We’ll then call you and let you know when your tags are ready and give you the option of picking up the tags or having us mail them to you. If you owe a $10 exhibitor fee, we’ll wait until the fee has been paid before we say sayonara to the tags. Take this time to perfect your exhibits, knowing that, for this step at least, you don’t have to do anything!

Step 5: This step might be a lot to ask, but rest assured we’re all in the same boat. It’s hard to be patient for an event like the Rockton Fair! Take this time to work on your exhibits and double-check when you are to drop off your exhibits. Remember: Not all exhibits are due at the same time!

Step 6: This one is pretty self-explanatory — drop off your exhibit to the Fairgrounds on the date it’s due during the time it’s due.

Step 7: It’s finally time to enjoy the fruits of your labor! Take a stroll through the Farm and Home Building and the Youth and Agricultural Building to see if you are a red ribbon winner! Good luck!!



We strongly urge the following livestock exhibitors to fill out an entry form instead of using the online entry service: heavy horses, 4-h sections, alpacas, children’s pony & hunter, hunters & jumpers, junior gymkhana, and western horses. These livestock sections require more information than what the online entry process currently allows. Thank you in advance for your co-operation.


School Fair

School Fair is open to students of elementary school age and students who graduated from Grade 8 in June. All work must be done since the previous fair. The student’s grade will be interpreted as the grade in which he/she is a member since the previous fair. For more information, please read the Rules & Regulations found in the School Fair Prize List.

No Pre-Registration Required – Class List found in Fair Prize Book. 

For more information about entry fees and form related to the Rockton World’s Fair, please call us at 519-647-2502 to speak to one of our staff members.