Livestock Prize book

2019 Prizebook Coming soon

Provincial Premise I.D. (PPR) # ON4215875

How to Exhibit in Livestock

Step 1: Read through our prize book sections (located to the left) and decide what sections and classes you wish to enter.

Step 2: Read all the Rules and Regulations and note deadlines for the sections you are planning to enter. Deadline dates can be found at the beginning of the prize list and/or each section. Not all entry forms and exhibits are due at the same time.

Step 3: Enter online here!

Step 4: Pay your fees if applicable! Please note: You may have to pay a $10 exhibitor fee to enter and other fees as outlined in sections.

Step 5:  Make sure you fill out all information accurately and include insurance if required.

Step 6: Check when you are to drop off and/or show your exhibits. Remember: Double-check SHOWTIMES and RULES AND REGULATIONS

Step 7: We would like to wish you good luck exhibiting!

Step 8: We will be hard at work entering all of the results and mailing out prize cheques after the fair… Keep your eye on the Mailbox if you are a winner!