School Fair Prize Book

School Fair is open to students of elementary school age and students who graduated from Grade 8 in June. All work must be done since the previous fair. The student’s grade will be interpreted as the grade in which he/she is a member since the previous fair. For more information, please read the Rules & Regulations found in the School Fair Prize List.



Book Cover Design Winner: E. Slotegraaf,
Grade 7, Cambridge Christian School

OCTOBER 5-8th, 2018

"Learning as we grow, growing as we learn"


Rockton Agricultural Society has partnered with various schools in the region and we will donate back to your school, a portion of every ticket sold using your designated school fundraising code!

Step #1:
Obtain fundraising code from your school.

Step # 2:
Purchase tickets for all of your friends and family online here: Make sure you are using your school’s code to get a portion of your ticket donated back!

Step # 3:
Bring all of your friends and family, raise money for your school and enjoy all that the Rockton Fair has to offer!

Is your school NOT registered for the fundraising program yet? That's ok! Contact your administration office and have them contact 519-647-2502 to get your school registered and start fundraising TODAY!

Fair Admission Prices

General Admission (Includes parking on premises)............ $15.00
Seniors Admission (65 years and older)...............................$13.00
Ages 6 – 15 years...................................................................$7.00
5 years and under..................................................................FREE
Adult Weekend Pass.............................................................$50.00
Youth Weekend Pass............................................................$20.00
Sunday Special Family Pass 2 adults and up to 4 children...$35.00

Toonie Thursday: Midway preview only, All rides $2. 5:00pm-11:00pm
Friday Night special: One Price, a midways wristband for unlimited rides.

*Admission is General Admission
Ticket does not guarantee seating at any show.
Midway rides are not included in General Admission.

Public Hours
Thursday Toonie Night 5:00pm- 11:00pm - Midway/Food Concessions Only
Friday 11:00am 4-H Dairy Show
4:00pm- 10:30pm Admissions/Grounds/ Buildings Open
Saturday 9:00am- 10:30pm
Sunday 9:00am- 8:30pm
Monday 9:00am- 5:00pm

812 Old Hwy 8, Rockton, Ontario L0R 1X0
Phone: 519-647-2502
Fax: 519-647-3899
Thank you to all the sponsors and volunteers!


  • Admission to the fair is still required until after Monday at 5 p.m.
  • Students who are of elementary school agenda students who graduated from grade 8 in June of the current year (2018) are eligible to exhibit.
  • The grade is to be interpreted as the grade in which he/she is a student as of November 2017.
  • Only works created after Thanksgiving 2017 are eligible for entry.
  • Individual exhibits of grain, corn, vegetables, flowers, and fruit must be grown in the home garden or home farm.
  • For information and exhibit tags please contact the Fair Office: 812 Old Hwy 8, Rockton, L0R 1X0, 519-647-2502 or any School Fair Director.
  • All exhibitors and teachers are urged to check that the school fair tags are completed before entries are submitted.
  • All home school exhibitors please complete the mailing address section on the exhibit tags.
  • Attach tags to the top, right-hand corner of the entry and include both the first and last names of student, the full school name and address.
  • Teachers are asked to use discretion choosing only 10 entries per category per school. Pre-selection at the school level may be necessary.
  • Only one entry per student is allowed in each section.
  • All judges' decisions are final.
  • Exhibitors please arrange for all articles to be picked up between 5 & 5:30p.m. on Thanksgiving Monday only. The Rockton Fair and School Fair committee will not be responsible for any entries not picked up by Monday evening. All prize money can now be picked up in the main office boardroom on Thanksgiving Monday, between 3 and 5pm after 5pm, monies can be picked up at the School Fair Building.
  • Identification will be required when you pick up your prize money.


THE MAE HOOD MEMORIAL AWARD: A plaque presented to the student winning the most points in the School Fair Department. No previous trophy winners are eligible.
POINTS: 1st: 5 pts, 2nd: 4pts, 3rd: 3 pts, 4th: 2pts, 5th: 1pt.
TROPHY: Awarded to the student with the most points in the June list.
POINTS: The top 10 highest overall point winners will receive a plaque engraved with the Rockton World's Fair crest.
PLAQUES & CHEQUES: Sponsors: RBC & Hamilton Commercial Financial Services.
PLAQUE: Donated to the school with the highest points. Sponsor: C.A. Small Engines and Rentals

The Rockton Agricultural Society (RAS) is committed to the safeguarding of personal information collected from exhibitors in accordance with the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA). Personal information collected will not be sold or disclosed for reasons other than for why it was collected. By completing and submitting the entry tag, the exhibitor, parent, or guardian consents to the information being used by the RAS for the mailing and/ or handing out of prize money and awards.

CHAIR: Kristine Hutchison VICE CHAIR: Barb Manel: 519-212-9987
COMMITTEE: Judy Crawford, Ian & Evelyn Flatt, Carolyn Eddy, Cecil & Gladys Hamilton, Bill Hinrichs, Jerry Manel, Annette & Robert Schreuders, Kathy Thompson, Allison & Craig Fousler, Janis Leslie, Robyn Leslie, Lloyd Bailey, Tracy Aikema-Robb, Shari Bosma, Sabrina Bosma, Amanda Bosma, Beth Ann Robb, Stefanie Comely.


Entries must be received by Wednesday, June 20th, 2018
2 p.m. to 8 p.m. at the Farm & Home Building

PRIZES: For the following classes except where noted.
1st: $4.50, 2nd: $4.00, 3rd: $3.50, 4th: $3.00, 5th: $2.50

CLASS/ SECTION: Refer to the alphanumeric code listed on the lift.

Maximum size for all entries is 23 x 30 cm unless otherwise noted.
Do not mount unless requested.



AWJK. Junior Kindergarten - A painting, any topic.

AWK. Kindergarten. A Painting-illustrating a fairy tale

AW1. Grade 1.- Paint an Autumn tree with the leaves changing colours.

AW2. Grade 2.- A cut and paste picture of a favourite animal.

AW3. Grade 3.- A wax crayon picture of "Animals in the Jungle"

AW4. Grade 4.- A portrait

AW5. Grade 5.- A drawing showing perspective.

AW6. Grade 6.- A Landscape using tissue paper.

AW7. Grade 7.- A landscape perspective.

AW8. Grade 8.- A collage of a person you admire.

AW9. JK & SK.- A wax crayon drawing of your favourite animal.

AW10. Grades 1 & 2.- A pencil crayon, crayon or marker drawing of "Summer Fun"

Special Prize for class AW10    Prizes: 1st: $3.00, 2nd: $2.50, 3rd: $2.00, 4th: $1.50, 5th: $1.00

Sponsor: Mr. & Mrs. Arie Vogel

AW11. Grade 3 & 4.- A pen, pencil crayon, or crayon drawing.

AW12. Grades 5 & 6.- A Pencil crayon drawing of a shoe.

AW13. Grades 7 & 8.- A graffiti tag.



CJK. Junior Kindergarten.- A puppet made from a paper bag or paper plate.

CSK. Senior Kindergarten.- An illustration of my friend and me.

C1. Grade 1.- A story about a friend (animal or human) with illustration.

C2. Grade 2.- An illustration of a favourite part of a book, including the title.

C3. Grade 3.- A handwritten, entry page of a pioneer child (max. 100 words).

C4. Grade 4.- Design a family coat of arms.

C5. Grade 5.- A story entitled "If I Were A Famous Person". (approx. 250 words).

C6. Grade 6.- A poster advertising a new product.

C7. Grades 7 & 8.- Design a "Do Not Disturb" sign - any media.

Special Prize for class C7    Prizes: 1st: $3.00, 2nd: $2.50, 3rd: $2.00, 4th: $1.50, 5th: $1.00

Sponsors: RBC and Hamilton Commercial Financial Services



HK. JK & SK.- A cut and paste picture of 4 favourite garden vegetables.

H1. Grade 1.- A picture to illustrate "Good Food Helps Me Grow".

H2. Grade 2.- A poster to explain: "Proper Care of Your Teeth".

H3. Grade 3.- Design a poster showing a day's healthy eating

Based on Canada's Food Guide

H4. Grade 4.- Design a poster to advertise the benefits of a smoke-free enviorment

H5. Grades 5 & 6.- Aposter depicting the appropriate ways of "How to Handle a Bully"

Special Prize for class H5    Prizes: 1st: $3.00, 2nd: $2.50, 3rd: $1.50, 4th: $1.00

Sponsor: R. & A. Schreuders

H6. Grades 7 & 8.- A poster depicting 3 aspects of healthy living.



MTK. Kindergarten.- A picture made with geometrical shapes.

MT1. Grade 1.- A pictograph for any topic. Explain findings.

Special Prize for class MT1    Prizes: 1st: $3.00, 2nd: $2.50, 3rd: $1.50, 4th: $1.00

Sponsor: Jean Humphrey

MT2. Grade 2.- The life cycle of an amphibian or insect.

MT3. Grade 3.- Hand draw and label a picture of the solar system.

MT4. Grade 4.- Write and illustrate a report on an endangered animal.

Explain your reasoning and suggest solutions to the problem.

MT5. Grade 5.- Design a scene using at least eight different geometric shapes.

Include a legend.

MT6. Grade 6.- Create your own picture on the computer and colour with pencil crayons

The picture is to be the design of the student not a computer-generated picture.

MT7. Grades 7 & 8.- Select an enviormental issue and create a display

Idicating the pros and cons (e.g. oil sands, strip mining)


Please note: Spelling and Grammar will impact results


FLK. Kindergarten.- A crayon picture with a printed title.

FL1. Grade 1.- A facial drawing, with 3 facial features labeled.

FL2. Grade 2.- A cut and paste picture of 5 garden vegetables labeled.

Special Prize for class FL2    Prizes: 1st: $3.00, 2nd: $2.50, 3rd: $2.00, 4th: $1.50, 5th: $1.00

Sponsor: Barb Manel

FL3. Grade 3.- Draw and label 5 articles of winter clothing.

(30cm x 45cm max.)

FL4. Grade 4.- Draw and label a picture of your family.

FL5. Grade 5.- Draw and label the seasons with a sentance describing each season.

FL6. Grade 6.- Write 2-3 sentences about a favourite sport and illustrate.

FL7. Grades 7 & 8.- Design a game and include the rules.


All entries must be mounted.

Prizes: 1st: $3.00, 2nd: $2.50, 3rd: $2.00, 4th: $1.50, 5th: $1.00


PSK. JK & SK.- An illustration of a nursery rhyme.

PS1. Grade 1.- An original poem.

PS2. Grade 2.- An original poem.

PS3. Grade 3.- An original Acrostic of "Rockton Fair"

PS4. Grade 4.- An original Cinquain poem.

PS5. Grade 5.- An original Limerick poem.

PS6. Grade 6.- An original Haiku poem.

Special Prize for class PS6

Sponsor: Wendell Renovations

PS7. Grades 7 & 8.- An original poem.

Special Prize for class PS7

Sponsors: Cecil & Gladys Hamilton


All entries must be approx. 30 x 45 cm in size.


ESK. JK & SK.- A drawing of a community helper

ES1. Grade 1.- A map of your yard.

ES2. Grade 2.- A hand drawn travel poster illustrating another province or territory.

ES3. Grade 3.- A poster promoting Westfield Heritage Village

Additional Prizes for class ES3    Prizes: 1st: $5, 2nd: $4, 3rd: $3

Sponsor: Friends of Westfield

ES4. Grades 4.- A map of a medievel village.

ES5. Grade 5.- Create poster ft. unique characteristics of 1 Canada's National Parks.

ES6. A poster describing an aspect of life of an early Aboriginal.

Additional Prizes Class ES5    Prizes: 1st: $5, 2nd: $4, 3rd: $3, 4th: $2, 5th: $1

Sponsor: Judy Crawford

ES7. Grade 7.- A poster celebrating an event from the history of Canada in the 1800's

ES8. Grade 8.- Design a Rockton Fair Flag


Open to all students Grades 5 to 8

Limit 4 entries per school

Size: Must be 8.5" x 11" (21.5 cm X 28 cm) with a 1/4 to 1/2 " white border on all sides.

Must be hand drawn in black and white using ink, pencil or paint.

Prize: 1st: $25.00, 2nd: $15.00, 3rd: $10.00

The winning design will be published on the front cover of the School Fair Prize book for 2019.

Additional Prize: To the winning classroom. $50.00 gift certificate for school supplies.

Sponsor: Rockton Agricultural Society

Subject: A farm or Fall Scene.

Entries must be received by Wednesday June 20th, 2018 2 p.m. to 8p.m. at the Fair Office Building


Entries must be received by Wednesday, June 20th, 2018

2 p.m. to 8 p.m. at the Farm & Home Building

PRIZES: 1st: $4.50, 2nd: $3.50, 3rd: $3:00, 4th: $2.50

Additional 1st Place: $20 gift certificate Sponsor: Kelley Smith
The winner will be sent on to District 6 for the next level of competition.

Theme: "Advertisement for Rockton Fair"

The name and date of the 2018 Fair must be clearly shown on the poster.

Minimum size: 23 cm x 28 cm. Maximum size: 28 cm x 44 cm.

Entries must be mounted on card stock or bristol board with a 5cm border to be eligible for entry into the regional and provincial competitions.

Sponsor: Ontario Association of Agricultural Societies (OAAS)

PC1...................................JK & SK
PC2...........................Grades 1 & 2
PC3...........................Grades 3 & 4
PC5...........................Grades 5 & 6
PC6...........................Grades 7 & 8

Phone: 519-647-2502
Fax: 519-647-3899

Prize lists and online entries available @


Entries must be received on
Thursday, October 4th, 2018
From 1-9 p.m. at the Youth & Agricultural Building

PRIZES: For the following classes except where noted.
1st: $4.50, 2nd: $4.00, 3rd: $3.50, 4th: $3.00, 5th: $2.50

CLASS/ SECTION: Refer to the alphanumeric code listed on the left


Grain is judged on presentation and the use of proper containers as well as it's quality.
No treated grain is eligible.

Special prizes:

The most points in Grain and Corn    Prizes: 1st: $6, 2nd: $4

Sponsor: Kristine Hutchison


G1. Oats, approx. 1 litre or quart jar.

G2. Wheat, approx. 1 litre or quart jar.

G3. Barley, approx. 1 litre or quart jar.

G4. Soybeans. approx. 1 litre or quart jar.

G5. Dent corn, approx. 1 litre or quart jar.

G6. Mixed grain, approx. 1 litre or quart jar.

G7. Sheaf of four stalks of corn.

Sponsorship: $10.75, Settlers Supplies Inc

Additional Prizes for class G7    Prizes: 1st: $3.00, 2nd: $2.50, 3rd: $2.00, 4th: $1.75, 5th: $1.50

Sponsor: Settlers Feed & Supply

G8. Kindergaten to Grade 4. Corn ensilage, 1-litre Ziploc bag.

G9. Grades 5 to 8. Corn ensilage, 1-litre Ziploc bag.

G10. Kindergarten to Grade 4. 5 cobs of dent corn, husk removed.

G11. Grades 5 to 8. 5 cobs of dent corn, husk removed.

G12. Open. Longest stalk of corn (roots removed). one stalk only.


Preparing fruits and vegetables for exhibition:

  • Choose medium sized carrots, potatoes, parsnips or beets.
  • Choose regular-shaped specimens.
  • Choose specimens nearly to the same shape/size/coloring as possible.
  • Cut off tops leaving only 2.5 cm.
  • Choose specimens that are free of blemishes of any kind.
  • polish with a dry cloth (both fruit and vegetables)
  • Choosing onions. Bend the tops over some time before pulling so the tops stop growing and the onion part will grow larger. After pulling, allow the onions to dry in the sun. Do not peel.
  • Choose a squash uniform in shape.
  • Leave the stems on fruit and do not peel cauliflowers or cabbages.



FR1. Five apples of one cultivar. Label as to type.

Additional Prizes for class FR1    Prizes: 1st: $2.50, 2nd: $2.25, 3rd: $2.00, 4th: $1.75, 5th: $1.50

Sponsor: Josmar Acres

FR2. Cherry tomatoes, 1 pint box.

FR3. Five tomatoes, stems attached.

FR4. Concord grapes, 1-quart box.

FR5. Five pears, any cultivar.

Additional Prizes for class FR5    Prizes: 1st: $2.50, 2nd: $2.25, 3rd: $2.00, 4th: $1.75, 5th: $1.50

Sponsor: Josmar Acres

FR6. Watermelon, 1 specimen.


Special prizes:

Most points in the Vegetable classes    Prizes: 1st: $12, 2nd: $8

Sponsored in memory of Doug Knight

Additional Prizes:

V1, V14
1st- $10.00, 2nd- $5. Sponsor: Struyk Farms
V2, V3, V15, V22, V27, V31
1st- $10.00, 2nd- $5. Sponsor: J. Collins and Sons
V4, V10, V11, V13, V17, V24, V30
1st- $2.50, 2nd- $2.25, 3rd- $2.00, 4th- $1.75, 5th- $1.50. Sponsor: Struyk Farm
V6, V16
1st- $2.50, 2nd- $2.25, 3rd- $2.00, 4th- $1.75, 5th- $1.50. Sponsor: Forthdale Farms
V20, V21, V26
1st- $2.50, 2nd- $2.25, 3rd- $2.00, 4th- $1.75, 5th- $1.50. Sponsor: J. Collins and Sons
V5, V23, V32
1st- $2.50, 2nd- $2.25, 3rd- $2.00, 4th- $1.75, 5th- $1.50. Sponsor: Shearlea Acres


V1. Junior Kindergarten.- 5 different vegetables displayed on a tray.

V2. Kindergarten to Grade 4.- An arrangement of fresh vegetables

(One specimen of each) in a decorated box/tray, not to exceed 45cm long.

V3. Grades 5 to 8.- Display of vegetables, minimum of 5 different vegetables.

Displayed in a suitably decorated container, not to exceed 45cm long.

V4. Collection of two varieties of peppers, 2 specimens each.

V5. A gourd centerpiece, suitable for a Thanksgiving dinner table.

Please use at least 5 specimens.

V6. 5 cobs Indian corn, husks pulled back and tied.

V7. Cabbage, not Savoy, 1 specimen.

V8. Butternut squash, 2 specimens.

V9. Potatoes, any variety, not red, 3 tubers

V10. Potatoes, red, 3 tubers

V11. Parsnips, 3 roots.

V12. Largest squash, by circumfrence.

V13. Largest pumpkin, by circumfrence.

V14. The larget beet.

V15. Odd-shaped carrot.

V16. Broccoli, 1 head.

V17. Beets, round type, 5 specimens.

V18. Carrots, 5 specimens.

V19. Onions, spanish, 3 specimens

V20. Pie Pumpkins, 2 specimens.

V21. Savoy cabbage, 1 specimen.

V22. Brussel sprouts, 1-quart box.

V23. 1 odd-shaped potato.

V24. Longest zucchini, 1 specimen.

V25. Squash, acorn, 2 specimens.

V26. Squash, hubbard, 1 specimen.

V27. Cauliflower, 1 specimen.

V28. Onions, cooking, 3 specimens.

V29. Red cabbage, 1 specimen.

V30. A turnip.

V31. Leeks, 3 specimens.

V32. Three bulbs of garlic


How to prepare for exhibition:

  • Choose flowers with long stems.
  • Trim off buds showing colour.
  • Choose only individual stems.
  • Use only what is asked for in class.
  • No disposable cups.
  • Use sturdy glass jars.
  • Use no artificial flowers.

Special prizes:

Most points in Flowers F1 to F32    Prizes: 1st: $6, 2nd: $4

Sponsor: Ruth Lee


F1. Kindergarten to Grade 4. Thanksgiving basket, using fruit, vegetables & flowers

Not to exceed 45 cm long.

Additional Prizes for class F1    Prizes: 1st: $6, 2nd: $3, 3rd: $2

Sponsor Lynden Horticultural Society

F2. Grades 5 to 8. Thanksgiving basket using fruit, vegetables and flowers

Not to exceed 45cm long.

Additional Prizes for class F2    Prizes: 1st: $6, 2nd: $3, 3rd: $2

Sponsor Lynden Horticultural Society

F3. A floral arrangement in a SMALL toy.

F4. A dried flower arrangement suitable for a kitchen table.

F5. A dinning room table arrangement for Halloween.

F6. An arrangement using at least 4 perrenials.

F7. A Christmas arrangement.

F8. An arrangement of natural foliage and wild flowers in a CHILD'S RUBBER BOOT.

F9. A floral table centerpiece celebrating Rockton Fair.

F10. A bouquet of natural grains, rushes, grasses (not wild flowers).

Not to exceed 50 cm

F11. A bouquet in a mug.

F12. A photo diary of you caring for your plant from a seed to a flower

Include at least three photos and a specimen of plant

Additional Prizes for class F12    Prizes: 1st: $10, 2nd: $8, 3rd: $5, 4th: $4, 5th: $3

Sponsor: Leslie Stocker

F13. Geranium, 1 perfect bloom, self-foliage, in decorated container.

F14. Dahlia, large over 10 cm, 1 bloom.

F15. Dahlia, decorative, large, 7.5 cm- 10 cm, 1 bloom.

F16. Dahlia, small, under 7.5 cm, 3 blooms.

F17. Largest sunflower head by diameter.

F18. Zinnia, pompom, 3 blooms.

F19. Zinnia, large 3 blooms.

F20. Calendula, 3 blooms.

F21. Pansies, 3 blooms.

F22. Cosmos, 3 blooms.

F23. Flowers in a pie pumpkin.

F24. Marigolds, over 5cm, 3 blooms.

F25. Marigolds, under 5 cm, 3 blooms.

F26. Chrysanthemums, 1 spray.

F27. Petunias, single, 3 blooms.

F28. Snapdragons, 3 spikes.

F29. Floating rose, 1 bloom.

F30. One specimen of any other flower not listed.



SP1. Kindergarten.- A jack-o-lantern, painted only.

SP2. Grades 1 & 2. - A jack-o-lantern, decorated only, not painted.

SP3. Grades 3 & 4. - A jack-o-lantern, carved only.

SP4. Grades 5 & 6. - A jack-o-lantern, carved only.

SP5. Grades 7 & 8. - A jack-o-lantern, carved and/ or decorated, not painted.

SP6. Preschool to Kindergarten.- Make a creature from vegetables or gourds.

Decorated with only natural materials.

SP7. Grades 1 & 2. - Paint and decorate a stone to resemble an animal (Max.15 cm)

SP8. Grades 3 & 4.- Make a cornhusk doll.

SP9. Grades 5 & 6.- A plastercine farm scene enclosed inside a clear CD jacket.

SP10. Grades 7 & 8.- A picture made from natural materials, max 20 x 30 cm.

SP11. Open.- A scarecrow, 1.5 m. maximum in length total

SP12. JR. Open.- A pressed leaf animal picture.

S13. SR. Open.- A paper mache sculptuure, autumn-themed, maximum 30cm.


Special prizes:

Most points in Baking and Food B1 to B14.    Prizes: 1st: $6, 2nd: $4

Sponsors: Cecil and Gladys Hamilton


B1. Preschool to SK.- Decorated rice crispy square, max 10 x 10 cm.

(Decorations should be edible)

B2. Grades 1 & 2.- A patterned candy necklace.

B3. Grades 3 & 4.- Three unbaked squares or cookies ( same variety)

B4. Grades 5 to 8.- Three pieces of chocolate fudge.

B5. Preschol to SK.- Decorate a cupcake with a farm theme.

B6. Grades 1 & 2.- Three chocolate chip cookies.

B7. Grades 3 & 4.- Two fruit muffins ( same variety).

B8. Grades 5 to 8.- Three pieces of toffee.

B9. Preschool to SK.- Decorate one large cookie, max. 20 cm with a farm theme.

B10. Grades 1 & 2.- Decorate one large cookie, max. 20 cm with a farm theme.

B11. Grades 3 & 4.- Decorate one large cookie, max. 20 cm with a farm theme.

B12. Grades 5 & 6.- Decorated 8" cake using styrafoam base with a farm theme.

(Not covered)

B13. Grades 7 & 8.- Decorated 8" cake using styrafoam base with a farm theme.

(Not covered)

B14. Open.- Three nutricious snacks for Santa in a decorated container.


Special prizes:

Most Points in Needlework and Sewing N1 to N13    Prizes: 1st: $6, 2nd: $4

Sponsor: Carolyn Eddy


N1. JK to Grade 1.- Stitch an outline of a favourite toy on fabric.

N2. Grade 2.- An item made from plastic canvas and yarn.

N3. Grades 3 & 4.- A Christmas stocking.

N4. Grades 5 & 6.- A knitted dishcloth.

N5. Grades 7 & 8.- Any article of knitting.

N6. Grade 5.- Sew a potholder.

N7. Grade 6.- Any sewn stuffed item.

N8. Grade 7 & 8.- Any article of clothing.

N9. JK to Grade 1.- A decorated sock pupet.

N10. Grades 2 - 4.- Creat a friendship bracelet.

N11. Grades 5 - 8.-A homemade pillow.

N12. Open.- Any article of latch hook.

N13. Open.- Any item not otherwise listed.


Special prizes:

Additional Prizes for classes: C26-C28    Prizes: 1st: $2.50, 2nd: $2.25, 3rd: $2.00, 4th: $1.75, 5th: $1.50

Sponsor: Wendell Renovations


CR1. Preschool.- A creature made from cotton balls.

CR2. JK & SK.- An animal made from a milk carton.

CR3. Grade 1.- An imaginary creature made from play dough (max. 15 cm).

CR4. Grade 2.- Dress your teddy bear as a farmer or pioneer

(Max. size of teddy bear 30 cm).

CR5. Grade 3.- A structure made from popsicle sticks secured on a base

(Max. 30 cm tall).

CR6. Grade 4.- A pop-up greeting card.

CR7. Grade 5.- A decorated t-shirt, with fabric paint.

CR8. Grade 6.- Decorate a garden glove.

CR9. Grades 7 & 8.- An item made of wood.

(Max. 30 cm x 30 cm)

CR10. Preschool to Kindergarten.- A bouquet made of recycled materials.

CR11. Grades 1 & 2.- Jewellery made from recycled materials.

CR12. Grades 3 & 4.- A robot made of recycled materials

(Max. 30 cm x 30 cm).

CR13. Grades 5 & 6.- A painting on wood

(Max. 30 cm x 30 cm).

CR14. Grades 7 & 8.- Create a small garden stepping-stone.

(Max. 25 cm x 25 cm)

CR15. Preschool to Kindergarten.- A Thanksgiving placemat.

(Max. 30 cm x 30 cm)

CR16. Grades 1 & 2.- Glued yarn picture (not stiched).

CR17. Grades 3 & 4.- An empty, homemade bird feeder.

Not to exceed 30 x 30 x 30 cm

CR18. Grades 5 & 6.-Create a musical instrument.

CR19. Grades 7 & 8.- Make a nail and string picture.

30 cm x 30 cm

CR20. Open.- Country door theme.

Donation: $10.00, Jinnie Wilson

Additional Prizes for class CR20    Prizes: 1st: $5, 2nd: $3, 3rd: $2

Sponsor: Ted & Jinnie Wilson

CR21. Preschool to SK.- A snowman made of any material, 20 cm.

CR22. Grades 1 & 2.- A crafted Christmas tree ornament.

CR23. Grades 3 & 4.- A Christmas tree topper.

CR24. Grades 4 & 5.- A Christmas felt wall banner.

Not to exceed 45 cm

CR25. Grades 7 & 8.- A Christmas-themed centerpiece.

CR26. JK to Grade 1.- An article made of bread dough.

CR27. Grades 2 to 4.- An article made of bread dough.

CR28. Grades 5 to 8.- An article made of bread dough.


Student must have taken photo

No larger than 4 x 6" mounted on black bristol board or card stock. The border is not to exceed 1 cm. Tags are to be attached to the bottom left corner of exhibit. Photo must have been taken by the student.


P1. Preschool to Grade 1.- Group of people.

P2. Preschool to Grade 1.- Landscape (Scenery only).

P3. Preschool to Grade 1.- Outdoor fun.

P4. Preschool to Grade 1.- A pet(s).

P5. Preschool to Grade 1.- Any item not otherwise listed.

P6. Grade 2 to Grade 4.- Group of people.

P7. Grade 2 to Grade 4.- Landscape (Scenery only).

P8. Grade 2 to Grade 4.- Outdoor fun.

P9. Grade 2 to Grade 4.- A pet(s).

P10. Grade 2 to Grade 4.-Any item not otherwised listed.

P11. Grade 5 to Grade 8.- A group of people.

P12. Grade 5 to Grade 8.- A landscape (scenery only).

P13. Grade 5 to Grade 8.- Outdoor fun.

P14. Grade 5 to Grade 8.- A pet(s).

P15. Grade 5 to Grade 8.- Any item not otherwise listed.

P16. Open.- A photo of Rockton Fair.

P17. Open.- A rural photo.

Additional 1st prize for class P17    Prize: $10

Sponsor: Barb Manel

How to Exhibit in School Fair

Step 1: Read through our prize book sections (located to the left) and decide what sections and classes you wish to enter.

Step 2: Make sure you read all the Rules and Regulations and note exhibit deadlines for the sections you are planning to enter.

Step 3: Obtain yellow School Fair Tags from our Fair office, your school or a committee member.

Step 4:  Fill out yellow tags and attach them to your exhibits, abiding School Fair rules and regulations.

Step 5: Drop off your exhibits to the Fairgrounds on the date and time it’s due.

Step 6: At this stage, our Judges are hard at work judging all of your exhibits.

Step 7: Take a stroll through the Youth and Agricultural Building to see if your work is on display and won!

Step 8: Pick up your articles on Thanksgiving Monday between 5 and 5:30 p.m. in the School Fair building.

Step 9: Bring Identification. School Fair prize money can be picked up in the main office boardroom on Thanksgiving Monday between 3 and 5 p.m.

Step 10: Congratulations on all of your work and we hope to have you exhibit again!